Fun, EXCITING, interactive, an alternative canape, FRESH, and most importantly perfect for YOUR event, party or wedding!

Oysters have a wonderful taste and numerous health benefits. We know our oysters have some special qualities and have create a package that reflects this.

Oyster Boys Experience

The Oyster Boys is the original roaming oyster concept. Wearing kilts, our Oyster Boys serve our fine fare straight from traditional wicker baskets, opening on demand.

This mobility not only allows us to engage and enthuse our customers about our produce but also makes us very flexible in the way we work. We add a wonderful atmosphere and entertainment to any party. Our youthful exuberance adds excitement while the oysters speak for themselves.

The Farm, the beginning, our roots

Our journey started from the roots and knowledge of our family farm located in the mouth of Loch Creran, on Scotland’s West coast. With over 15 years experience in the oyster business, and over 30 in the aquaculture industry this knowledge has shaped the way we provide our service to you.

Although we now use 3 or 4 key suppliers, we still have a close connection to how, where and when our stock has been cultivated. This is very important to us and feel it adds another dimension to the enjoyment of our oysters.

Traditional wicker baskets

Still a firm favorite, our wandering Oyster Boys give a fun and exciting twist on Scottish flare.

Although we predominantly wear our tartan kilts we are open to suggestions on presentation, previously being asked to wear modern kilts, a tux, as well as dressing as Pearly Kings.

Alternative canapés

As an alternative or compliment to canapés our wandering baskets offer a fantastic edge to any event. We’ve now added another dimension to excite your taste buds:

Oy Girls – our glamorous girls will bring an air of elegance and a little sex appeal to your oyster eating experience

Ice Basket – designed by The Ice Box, this is a great way to bring a sleek side to your event, creating a stylish and clean-cut image.



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