Wow your guests with mad science, nitro experiments and most importantly FUN!

 If you’re looking for something completely unique to surprise and entertain your guests, then let the Gastronomy Guys create a nitro dessert station like no other for your event.


Nitrogen 'Boiler' Dessert Station

The Gastronomy Guys bring a new, interactive nitro food concept to a wide range of events, from weddings and corporate events to Christmas parties. They have been experimenting with dessert canapé ideas in their food lab, and can serve up anything from Bloody Mary molecular bubbles to egg & bacon ice cream.

Instant cocktail ice creams and sorbets can be created before your guests’ eyes, whilst nitrogen poached meringues will leave everyone in fits of giggles – watch as they break in the mouth and the vapour trail appears! The Gastronomy Guys really have created a theatrical and intriguing dessert station like no other.


The Menu
Now to get your guests in truly rapturous fits of laughter, we’ve devised a simple, fun but literally explosive combination.
Nitrogen Meringue – poached at minus 196C the subtle flavours of lemon, beetroot, apple and blackberry(Bramble to you Scots!) melts on the tongue as you exhale a vapour trail to send your friends into fits of giggles!
Bacon and Egg ICE CREAM! – created before your eyes using liquid nitrogen, the intriguing savoury egg ice cream is topped with dehydrated bacon shards to create a weird but definitely wonderful taste.
Mojito Instant Sorbet – definitely one for those who like a wee tipple. We can create your favourite cocktail on the spot in a unique, fun and interactive display.
Mango Bubble – using the techniques of reverse spherisfication we can take any liquid and wrap it inside itself! Our mango bubble with edible flowers is a fantastic combination that will surprise your guests as it explodes with flavour in their mouth.
For a tailored molecular menu for desserts, canapes or a fine dining experience like no other contact our team.

Among many others, we have worked with the following clients:

Red Bull, BSkyB, Sodexo Prestige, Exxon Mobil, Thomson Reuters, Heineken, Visit Scotland, Fifteen, The Observer, News International, The Recipe, The Rouge Partnership, Rhubarb




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