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January Blues…be gone!!!
January 22nd, 2013

We kicked the January blues into touch with a massive thump this weekend and hopefully set people on their way for a much happier blue Monday! Through the cold, miserable snow you wonderful people trekked the length and breadth of London to enjoy our mussels, be merry on our wine and…lose heavily to Captain Bobs mighty thumbs. Thankfully his honour was predominantly kept intact with only 3 defeats and even then they got lucky!!!

An so to 2013 and where we’re hopefully heading. Next up is Brew 4 Two in Hackney Central. An amazing wee cafe owned by one of my friends. A different vibe to our pop up home for the last 6 months Fabrica, but equally enchanting and the perfect next step. We’re keen to make this a weekly thing going from great venue to great venue, from east to west, from north to south spreading the joy of mussels and prosecco! We’re after any suggestions so it would be amazing if anybody out there knows of an amazing space crying out for some Mussel Men love. If you want us to come to you send us suggestions at

We’re also keen to get some interest in this months sauce special. Tweet us @mussel_men with your opinion polls:

1. Bloody Mary

2. Lychee and Coconut

3. Chorizo and heritage tomatoes


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Its Been A While!!! But we’re back with a POP…up!
January 7th, 2013

My blogging is comparable to the life of a hermit! Over the last year we’ve been banging and blowing and making as much noise as possible on the streetfood scene. We weathered the storm of a miserable summer and ended it with a nomination for Best Streetfood of the Year. Not bad but next year we’re out to win it!!!

So whats new you might ask. Well after catching one too many colds on the street side we’ve taken our operations inside but still on the road. We’re building a Mussel Men pop up road show with our wonderful wine loving friends Selezione Zanotto. Currently operating once a month out of the fabulous Fabrica on Kingsland Road we’re on a quest to spread the seafaring love north, south and west as well. We’ve found a few cracking venues but are still looking for some great places and people to team up with across London and beyond…please send any ideas our way.

This month we’re taking on the January Blues and in particular that miserable day thats been branded the worst day of the year, Blue Monday!!!(21st Jan 2013). Instead of getting down we’re partying hard with mussels and prosecco ahoy. To bring even more joy, good old Captain Bob himself is there to kick some ass(thumb) challenging any willing contestant to a thumb war to the death. If you beat him a fine Mussel Men T-shirt is yours to gloat with! If not knock back a few of our 7 Seas Mermaid Rum Punch to party on into the night! Find our more HERE.

To tickle your taste buds heres a wee moules recipe that we’ll be serving next weekend.

Mussels served with chilli, lychee and coconut –

2 shallots finely chopped, 1 birds eye chilli finely chopped

A handful of fresh or 1/2 tin of lychees

500g mussels(blue shell Scottish mussels are the best and most consistent all year round in my opinion)

A wee glug of dry white wine and a half a tin of  coconut milk

Parsley roughly chopped

First rinse and debeard the mussels. A tip to check for any dead mussels is to tap and close the mussel between your fingers. if the mussel remains shut its fine to eat, if not chuck it. Any broken shells should also be discarded.

Over a high heat place a wide based pot and allow to get very hot. Add a small dollop of butter and the shallots and chilli. Add the mussels, coconut milk and a splash of wine, immediately put on a tight fitting lid and leave for a few minutes until the shells have opened. If there are any mussels that remain shut discard.

Finish with some chopped parsley and get some nice bread ready then dive in and enjoy. To enhance the experience pop on this classic shanty to make you feel truly amazing!

I promise not to be such a stranger and will surely wash ashore again very soon.





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